GenMedica is located in Belgrade, in the urban neighbourhood of Vračar, No. 8 Mišarska Street. We offer a variety of diagnostic laboratory testing services, including cytogenetic analyses, genotyping and routine biochemical and hematological analyses using the most recent diagnostic protocols and modern laboratory equipment like Herasafe laminar hood, Heraeues incubators, Zeiss microscopes, PCR system Eppendorf, hematological and biochemical analyzers.

The head of the lab is Dr. Gordana Joksić, molecular biologist, research professor with 25 years of working experience in the field of human genetic. Biochemical and haematological analyses are carried out by a biochemist with a MSc and an experienced team of lab technicians.

GenMedica is a cytogenetics centre; we perform cytogenetic analyses from various human cells and tissues and body fluids. Moreover, we combine cytogenetic and molecular analyses, thus enhancing the sensitivity of the applied methods. In prenatal analyses, we combine fast screening QF-PCR with karyotyping from harvested amniocytes, making the prenatal analysis fast and accurate. Apart from karyotyping, GenMedica lab offers radiosensitivity and chemosensitivity testing as predictive assays before radio or chemotherapy. Analyses are performed from tissue biopsies.

In collaboration with cytogenetic laboratories worldwide we can arrange analyses of rare genetic diseases and microdeletion syndromes, as well as other sorts of genetic analyses.

Along with genetic analyses, we also perform all kinds of haematological, biochemical, immunological testing, virus and tumour-marker analyses, as well as microbiological testing.